Why Choose North Cook?

  • Room201group North Cook ISC provides high quality services to meet your district’s needs. We offer a dynamic selection of professional learning opportunities, including Administrator Academies, Educator Workshops, Networking Meetings, In-District Customized Professional Development and Consultation Services.


    • Professional learning on a wide variety of topics
    • Designed specifically to meet the needs of North Cook Region schools and students
    • Highly-qualified, experienced instructors/consultants
    • Cost-efficient
    • Opportunities for collaboration and networking
    • Hands-on, engaging professional development
    • Gain new knowledge and strategies that can be applied on the job immediately

    Hear what others have to say about North Cook ISC:

    "Great presentations with knowledgeable presenters. Lots of great resources were shared. Very excited about taking what I learned today to my school."

    "Great examples, activities, and collaboration opportunities."

    "Ninety-four percent (94%) of participants agreed that the professional learning provided by North Cook ISC will IMPACT THEIR PROFESSIONAL GROWTH or that of their students in regard to content knowledge, skills, or both."*

    *Foundational Services 2017-18 mid-year report