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Ride Illinois

Ride Illinois Ride Illinois created a BikeSafetyQuiz, available in English and Spanish, that can be shared with educators and students.

The Bike Safety Quiz contains thought-provoking questions for different audiences with three distinct levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  • Child Bicyclist quiz for elementary school students - 4th and 5th graders (or younger with adult help)
  • Adult Bicyclist quiz for teen and adult drivers
  • Motorist/Driver Education quiz for motorists and high school Driver Education students.

Please visit for more information about the Ride Illinois Mini-Grant program that reimburses schools $2 per student for administering the BikeSafetyQuiz. This program is generously funded by IDOT.

Ride Illinois hopes to connect with elementary school teachers, especially those that teach 4
th and 5th grade, important grade levels for sharing bike safety information since many students in those grades are becoming more independent. Any assistance you can provide to spread the word will be appreciated!

Ride Illinois wants children to get around by bike, but they also want them to do so safely. The
BikeSafetyQuiz will help to increase the safety and knowledge of both adults and children who complete the quiz.

Please contact Dave Simmons, Executive Director of Ride Illinois or Ed Basotti with any questions about the BikeSafetyQuiz or the Mini-Grant program.