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North Cook Regional Superintendent Jauch Attends ISBE Strategic Planning Sessions

Jauch Attends ISBE meeting

Last week, I attended one of the eight ISBE Strategic Planning Engagement Sessions facilitated by State Superintendent Carmen Ayala and several of her cabinet members. This is the second time I participated in a session like this. The first was in Springfield at the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools (IARSS) meeting in January, and I must say I am optimistic about the consistent message we are receiving from ISBE!

Here is a link to ISBE’s Strategic Plan Presentation.

These engagement sessions have been inclusive, not just from an equity standpoint (a significant aspect of the Plan), but also in the gathering and valuing of the feedback from a wide variety of educational professionals and stakeholders. Each meeting has been a discussion vs. a lecture, with ISBE staff taking notes, collecting survey data, and engaging the audience in authentic conversation.

I’m further encouraged that under
Student Learning: Systems of Support, the Plan deliberately includes strengthening relationships between ISBE and districts with identified schools “by increasing the support for ROEs and other stakeholders.”

Obviously, I am a big proponent of the significant impact that our ROE/ISC can have on all North Cook school districts, including, but not limited to, those identified with schools designated for support. And while I am proud of the fact that North Cook currently has very few schools designated for support, I am hopeful that North Cook can leverage this strengthening relationship between ISBE and the ROE’s to further enhance our already outstanding educational region!

There are four more
Strategic Planning Engagement Sessions scheduled, two within driving distance from the North Cook Region, if you would like to participate. You can also provide feedback on the Plan without attending a meeting by completing this survey.