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National Board Certification

CONGRATULATIONS to these North Cook ISC region educators for achieving National Board Certification and also those who recently renewed their National Board Certification!

This is an extraordinary undertaking while serving in an educator role, and your dedication is commendable. You are part of the esteemed 3% of teachers nationwide who hold this honor. We are proud to know you are serving the students of the North Cook area. Thank you for your leadership, commitment, and perseverance!

NEW National Board Certification Educators

Allison Hudson
Susan Major
Julie Nicolosi
Irene Salman
Tamara Wilson

Evanston-Skokie District 65
Susan Cerza
Ann Fordon
Cristina Pedrero-Gonzalez
Kristin Hendricks
Denise Rossa
Kelly Stellberg
Brandy Trafman

Glenview District 34
Mandy Freer

Maine Township District 207
Matthew Ellefson

RENEWED National Board Certification Educators

Arlington Heights District 25
Paul Solarz
Victoria Stella

Susan Esbrook
Lauren Lukowski
Lynda Maxwell

Denise  Dublinski
Jennifer Iannuzzelli

Christine McKelvey

Evanston Township High School District 202
Paolo Ruocco
James Sklar

Glencoe District 35
Natalie Flanigan

Niles Township High School District 219
Kristen Jackson

Schaumburg District 54
Naseem Alibhai
Tracy Wenig

Maine Township High School District 207
Natalie Bourn
Philip Sumida
Jane Wisdom

Township High School District 211
David Calisch
Karl Craddock
Azra Haq
Nicholas Hostert
Todd Meador

Township High School District 214
Lyn Comer-Jaworski
Kirsten Fletcher
Heidi Huck

Wilmette District 39
Michael Larsen