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Dr. Kevin Jauch - North Cook's New Executive Director FY20

Dr. Kevin Jauch North Cook Intermediate Service Center (NCISC) is pleased and excited to announce our new Executive Director for the agency as of July 1, 2019.


Dr. Jauch will be the fourth Executive Director of the Center and will be succeeding Dr. Bruce Brown, who has served in the Executive Director position since July of 2013.


Dr. Jauch served as Superintendent of Schools in Avoca SD 37 for the past 8 years. Prior to that, Dr. Jauch served for a total of 11 years in two North Cook districts as a building principal. Therefore, Kevin brings outstanding central office and building-level skills to this full-time position that will enhance the educational futures of the districts and schools of the North Cook region.


The NCISC serves as the Regional Office of Education for the 39 public school districts of the North Cook County region, and as such plays an important role as the intermediary and advocate in Springfield for the public schools of the region. The ISC serves over 145,000 students enrolled in the 200+ public school buildings within the area. Supports for local educators are provided in the areas of professional development, licensure, facility safety and improvement, bus driver training, truancy, homelessness, and alternative schools. The ISC also conducts the inspections of the non-public schools of the region.


Please welcome Dr. Kevin Jauch!