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North Cook Schools Among the Best!

students "Anyone familiar with our metropolitan region, knows that our North Cook public schools are among the very best educational centers in the United States. This excellence draws students and families from across the nation to attend these wonderful institutions.

This recent Chicago Magazine article confirms and highlights this perspective in very clear fashion. Of the Top 20 suburban Cook County elementary and middle schools, 15 of the 20 listed are North Cook schools, representing 13 of our elementary districts. 
At the High School level this county dominance is shown once again, as 16 of the Top 20 schools are North Cook entities. This listing features ALL seven of the area's high school districts. 
No wonder that North Cook is such an attractive locale for both students and educators!"

You can check out this article for yourself from the September 2018 Issue of Chicago Magazine - Best Public Schools in Chicago and Suburbs. Congratulations to all the schools!