Principal and Assistant Principal Mentoring

  • Principal Mentoring

    In Illinois, typically there are 450-500 principal vacancies each year. If you've hired a new Principal or Assistant Principal, look to North Cook ISC for mentoring services. Our Mentor Program is a VALUABLE INVESTMENT in the success of your new principal or assistant principal. North Cook ISC, a State-approved provider, utilizes only experienced, professional mentors to help you SUPPORT, TRAIN and RETAIN GOOD PRINCIPALS.

    If you have questions about North Cook ISC's mentoring services, please contact Dr. April Jordan at or 847-803-5604.

    North Cook ISC Program Benefits: First-Year Principals and Assistant Principals

    •    50 Hours of Quality 1:1 Mentoring Time
    •    1 Free Administrator Academy - $225 Value
    •    Guest Speakers on topics such as Teacher Evaluation, Climate & Culture, and School Improvement
    •    3 Half-Days of Professional Development for the New Administrator

    Each new principal or assistant principal works with an experienced and accomplished mentor with similar professional experience for a minimum of 50 hours over the course of the first year. These 50 hours of mentoring support - more than other area providers - consist of virtual/direct face-to-face meetings between the mentor and mentee, such as opportunities for the mentor to observe the new principal in the school setting at staff meetings, attend joint New Principal-Mentor meetings held at North Cook ISC, and other networking opportunities, as well as regular email and phone correspondence. Mentees may use the hours spent in the program toward their professional development licensure renewal requirements.

    Our First-Year Principal and Assistant Principal Mentoring Program cultivates student success by focusing on building RELATIONSHIPS, developing INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP, and strengthening SYSTEMS and OPERATIONS with new administrators. Carefully selected mentors assist new principals or assistant principals with their career transition and how to respond to real-life challenges and the daily stresses of being building leaders.

    The cost to the district is $3,200 for each first-year principal or assistant principal.

    Program Benefits: Second-Year Principals and Assistant Principals

    •    25 Hours of Quality 1:1 Mentoring Time
    •    1 Free Administrator Academy - $225 Value
    •    3 Half-Days of Professional Development for the Second-Year Principal or Assistant Principal

    In our second-year program, principals or assistant principals continue to work with their established mentor for another year when the focus is to hone their LEADERSHIP SKILLS, define SPECIFIC GOALS and ACTION PLANS and advance GROWTH and INNOVATION.

    A minimum of 25 hours is spent throughout the school year in virtual/direct face-to-face meetings, phone and email correspondence, networking meetings, and attendance at North Cook ISC Mentoring meetings. Mentees may use the hours spent in the program toward their professional development licensure renewal requirements.

    The cost to the district is $1,600 for each second-year principal or assistant principal.

    View these two videos below to learn about the benefits of North Cook's Principal and Assistant Principal MentoringProgram:

  • Read what past participants said about their experience with North Cook ISC's Mentoring Program:

    "Through a combination of reading, professional conversations and lots of observation, I learned a tremendous amount about best practice curriculum and instruction. I also learned about myself and my educational and leadership philosophies in action. It was powerful to be able to apply these ideologies in practice and see their impact within our school community."

    "My mentor spent a lot of time listening to me talk about my feelings, successes, and frustrations, experiences I was having, and things I had planned for my building. She gave suggestions for strategies to use and staff activities that might help me best achieve my goal. She shared her own experiences as well...that paralleled my experiences. She provided me with positive feedback on [my] decisions....and provided suggestions for improvements I could make in future situations."

    "Not only did the North Cook ISC Mentor Program highlight common experiences of new and seasoned school leaders, but also provided me the opportunity for reflection, which we rarely lend ourselves, and supplemented my ability to plan strategically. Sharing my experiences through the Mentor Program validated some of my feelings and decisions throughout the year and also gifted me with perspective on the differences and similarities across districts. As a result, I feel more secure in my vision and decisions I've made and energized for the year to come!"

    "During the second year, our time together was more conversational. We seemed to focus more on the "softer" skills of leadership and ensuring that my needs are met in the job, whereas Year One was about me meeting the needs of the job."