Licensure Information

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    The links below provide information on the Illinois licensure process for both new and experienced educators.


    Should you have additional questions or concerns regarding the licensure process in Illinois, please contact:

    Shirley Bloom
    Director of Certification/Licensure
    Tel: 847-803-3704
    Fax: 847-803-3708

    Izabela Kuczek
    Licensure Specialist
    Tel: 847-803-5614
    Fax: 847-803-3708

Resources for Hiring

  • Contact Assistant Regional Superintendent, Dr. April Jordan ( or 847-803-5604), if you are a school district administrator who would like to access video resumes of potential candidates via the North Cook ISC Virtual Resume Fair for Educators.

    Educators Licensure Information System (ELIS): School administrators can perform a credential search of educators in Illinois. This link is for use by institutions of higher education, school districts, or prospective employers to verify credentials of a potential educator candidate or employee. Illinois Educator Identification Number (IEIN) required.

    Illinois State Board of Education Sanctions webpage (a.k.a. Educator Quality): Prior to offering a candidate a position, be sure they do not appear on any of the License Sanctions lists that are available on this webpage.