Health and Life Safety

  • building inspections North Cook ISC systematically reviews and inspects public school buildings, including temporary/modular classrooms, on an annual basis to assure compliance with the mandated standards for health and safety of public school students in Illinois. As required by law, a record of the annual inspection results are sent to the Superintendent from each building and filed annually with the State Board of Education.

    In addition, the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OFSM) is authorized to conduct "Annual" fire safety inspections in our public schools; results are shared with each school and a copy of the report is submitted to North Cook ISC.

    By law, every 10 years, each public school building occupied in whole or in part by public school students, or intended for occupancy by such students, must be surveyed for continued compliance by a licensed State of Illinois architect or engineer. The "Ten Year Safety Survey Report" lists items necessary and estimated costs to address the violations in order to bring the building into full and continual compliance.

    If determined by the district that Fire Prevention and Safety Funds will be requested to complete the work, an original Certification of Need with wet signature and seal of the State of Illinois licensed Architect or Engineer is submitted to the District, North Cook ISC and to the State Superintendent of Education. Once the Safety Survey Report has been approved by ISBE, with the violation and recommendation schedule including the prioritized and estimated timelines for completion of work, a Certificate of Approval for the ten year survey is issued (and if combined with an amendment, authorizes the approval of fire prevention and safety funds).

    North Cook ISC is responsible for statutory compliance with established standards in the construction, remodeling and demolition of public school buildings within the North Cook County region.

    The following forms listed below need to be completed by each district on an annual basis and submitted to Margot Fennelly at or fax to Margot at 847-824-1033.

    These forms are due prior to June 30th.