• Financial Services


    Regional Financial Consultants located throughout the state are available to school districts, Regional Offices of Education, and other local education agencies for technical assistance. Aaron Schilling is the Regional Financial Consultant for the North Cook region.

    Regional Financial Consultants provide specialized consulting services and are the primary contact on matters related to:

    • Cost analysis
    • Enrollment projections 
    • Cash flow spreadsheets 
    • Financial Projections
    • Reimbursement claims assistance
    • New Superintendent support
    • Watch list district support
    • Budget development
    • Business management
    • Attendance systems
    • School reorganization
    • School Finance Authorities
    • Financial Oversight Panels
    • Site-Based Expenditure Reporting (SBER)

    Aaron is also available to conduct financial and trend analysis of school districts and other administrative entities, particularly financially distressed districts, to track their fiscal solvency, assist in the ongoing development, implementation, and assessment of training to improve the financial management practices in school districts. He may also recommend the development of broad, statewide financial management and fiscal policies and procedures.

    If you have questions or need more information, contact Aaron Schilling. The BEST WAY to contact Aaron is via email at aschilli@isbe.net as he is working remotely. (For future use, his phone is 847-803-5606, office or 217-785-8779, School Business Services). See the ISBE brochure from the menu listed on the left side of this page.