• Leadership Coaching


    So what is Leadership Coaching? It may be easier to frame by saying what coaching is not. It is not therapy. It is not mentoring. However, some coaching sessions do feel therapeutic and the client typically walks away from a session with new ideas and strategies for addressing professional issues. The difference is that the coach is more of a facilitator of a deep, personal dialog that a client engages in. The coach will pose questions, point out nuances and shifts in a client’s tone, and uncover blindspots the client may not be aware of that are contributing to the issue the client is trying to address. Coaching is very personal.

    The co-active coaching model we employ is a partnership between the client and the coach to stretch the client, accompany them out of their comfort zone and to help them grow both professionally and personally. Coaching illuminates a client’s aspirations, enhances their relationships, empowers them as leaders and ultimately elevates their potential.

    All NCISC coaches are trained and hold a coaching certificate.

    NCISC Coaches are committed

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    If you have questions about North Cook ISC's mentoring services, please contact Dr. April Jordan at ajordan@ncisc.org or 847-803-5604.