• compliance

    The North Cook ISC is entrusted with assessing compliance of local school districts and recognized non-public schools in the state of Illinois. This process consists of a systematic review of district documentation and record compliance mandates in relationship to state and federal laws and The Illinois School Code. The culmination of our visit results in a designation reported on the IWAS website. The compliance process is viewed as an opportunity to improve operations and support the programs that deliver quantitative and quality educational experiences and services to our students in the North Cook Region.

    During the 2016-17 School Year ISBE, in cooperation with several ROE’s around the state, North Cook beta-tested a new online format for the School Evaluation document previously used during compliance visits and rolled it out to all the ROE’s for use during 2017-18. Having already been through the 10 districts in North Cook for the 2017-18 school year, we can happily report that it worked well for both us, and the district. All the district users commented that this online process had reduced the preparation time for our visit and most district users adapted to it quite easily. You can view the ONLINE PROCESS below for 2018-19.

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