Bus Driver Certification Courses

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    All new drivers are required to complete the Initial Bus Training Course BEFORE applying for their school bus permit.
    Those who do not take the class will not be able to apply for a permit. Initial Bus Training Courses are approximately eight (8) hours, depending on how long it takes the instructor to cover all of the curriculum.

    The Refresher Bus Course must be completed by all drivers BEFORE they renew their permits. No permit will be renewed if the driver has not completed the course requirements prior to the renewal date. Refresher Courses are approximately two (2) hours.

    Each driver must pre-register for the class. Payment of course fees is only by Credit Card or Debit Card.

    Please know that it takes 10-15 business days from the date of the class when we receive the roster from the Instructor indicating the driver has completed the class and the information is posted to ISBE's system. A letter of verification will be sent to the Employer unless you are an independent driver, then it will be mailed to the home address.

    CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED (under any circumstances) in the Initial or Refresher Classes. If the driver cannot attend the class that he/she is scheduled for, the course fee forfeited.

    To register for the appropriate class, click on the left-side menu on this page and choose the date/time/location you wish to attend. If you do not see any slots available, that means that the class is CLOSED. Also, please note that at this time, you are not able to register for a class from your cellphone.

    REFUND POLICY:  Refunds are issued ONLY to registered participants that call Lydia Cruz at 847-803-5613 at least seven (7) days PRIOR to the date of the course. If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, you will automatically receive a refund.