• Student Advocacy ALOP

    North Cook ROE/ISC Student Advocacy ALOP Program

    The Student Advocacy ALOP Program at the North Cook ROE/ISC works on-site in schools directly with students having behavioral, SEL, academic or attendance needs and not making progress with school-based Tier 2 or 3 interventions.

    • SERVICES – Advocates maintain a caseload of 25-32 students for 6 months-2 years, on average.
    • SUPPORT – Advocates work during the school day/year supporting students in a variety of ways, including providing breaks, counseling, instruction on coping skills, academic intervention and more.
    • STUDENT SUCCESS PLANS (SSP) – Upon referral and acceptance into the ALOP, Advocates create a Student Success Plan (SSP) for each student that drives his/her services received.

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    For more information, contact:
    Dr. Allison Slade, Director of NCISC Student Services • aslade@ncisc.org • 847-803-5606

Continuum of Student Services

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