Attendance FAQ

    1. When can a referral be made to North Cook  for attendance?
      A referral can be submitted to NCISC when a student has accumulated 9 or more full days of unexcused absences and at least three interventions have been attempted. 

    2. Are partial days counted towards unexcused absences?
      No, partial days cannot be counted toward the 9 or more unexcused absences.

    3. Can I submit one referral for multiple students?
      No, each student requires an individual referral form. 

    4. Do unexcused class periods accumulate to full day absences?
      A single class period missed can not accrue to full day absences.

    5. Can North Cook ROE ticket families for truancy?
      No, NCISC does not ticket families. North Cook does not endorse a punitive approach to truancy. Our main goal is to identify ways to remove or lessen attendance barriers. Individual municipalities MAY have different ordinance codes that permit ticketing.

    6. Can NCISC Student Attendance Liaisons take part in IEP or other attendance related meetings?
      Yes! Student Liaisons can attend any and all meetings in regards to attendance for the students on their caseloads.

    7. How long does a student stay in the attendance program?
      A 90 day review will be completed and if the student has met their attendance goals they will transition out of our program.

    8. Does a new referral form need to be completed every school year?
      Yes, every student that needs services will require a new referral for the current school year.

    9. Do we accept referrals during the summer?
      We do not accept referrals during the summer because summer school is not mandatory, however we can continue to check in with students already on the caseload during the summer if they are within their 90-day time frame in the program.