Return to In-Person School Plan

  • 21-22 NCYAA COVID 19 Return to In-Person Safety Precautions

    When Governor Pritzker introduced a stay-in-place order in March of 2020, NCYAA responded immediately. On August 4, 2021, Governor Pritzker announced an executive order that supports safe in-person learning and
    requires that masks be worn indoors by all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Now, as we return to in-person instruction, we have continued to implement measures to permit students to return to in-person instruction in a safe and responsible manner.

    We are confident that we can bring our students and staff back safely. We are all taking this seriously and doing our best to mitigate risk. However, we will also be prepared to go fully remote, if necessary.

    The North Cook Administration has reviewed and updated our safety protocols, so that we are ready to meet in person. Based on updated guidance from ISBE, we will be returning to in-person instruction on August 16th. Below is an overview of some of the updates we have made to our programming. We will maintain these guidelines and adapt as necessary and as directed by CDC, IDPH, CCDPH and/or ISBE.


    • Students remain in their transportation and are admitted one at a time. All students will be screened prior to entering the school. Screening includes a temperature check (using a no-contact thermometer) and asking questions related to recent history of symptoms and exposure. A temperature over 100.4 will be considered a fever. Students will not be admitted into the building if they do not pass the Health Check and will be sent home.
    • A mask must be worn at all times throughout the school day. Specific breaks have been incorporated into the school day, when students will be permitted to remove their masks.  A mask can be removed during lunch, once a student has been seated at his/her assigned lunch table.
    • Students will be provided a clear bag in which to place their belongings to increase cleanliness and lessen check in time. Backpacks, bags and large purses will not be permitted.


    • Students and Staff will use (provided) hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving every environment. Hand washing with soap and warm water is recommended.
    • Time will be allowed for both staff & students to spray/sanitize desks and seats before they leave classes.
    • Students will be assigned seats in each classroom and common area.
    • Outdoor “Brain Breaks” will be scheduled. During outside "Brain Breaks," students will maintain a significant social distance, but can remove their masks at those times.
    • In the hallways, traffic "lanes" have been marked using tape floor markings. Students and staff will stay in their lanes, proceed in a single-file manner, and be expected to stay as far to the right side of the hallways as possible.


    • Staff and students will wash hands before and after use of equipment.
    • Shared equipment will be cleaned before another person uses it.
    • Teachers' desks, students' desks and shelves/tables need to be free from clutter, so surfaces can be sanitized each night.
    • Masks must be worn at all times in the classroom.


    • Eating will take place in the common area.
    • Students will have assigned seats, with a minimum of 3 feet apart.
    • Masks are required at all times, except when drinking or eating.
    • While eating, everyone must be at least 6’ apart as masks cannot be worn.
    • Lunches will be individually packaged and distributed by a staff member wearing plastic gloves.
    • Food will be brought to individuals rather than having them line up.
    • Individual refillable water bottles are encouraged.
    • Water bottles will be available for purchase during breakfast and lunch.


    • One person at a time.
    • Hands should be cleaned prior to entering the bathroom and upon exit.
    • If the exit handle is touched, hands need to be cleaned afterwards.
    • Use a paper towel to open the bathroom door. Dispose of paper towel in a basket upon exiting the bathroom.


    • Classroom groups will not exceed 10


    • Sit in alternate seats and require everyone to wear masks.
    • Hands will be cleaned before entering the vehicle.
    • Vehicle is cleaned and high-touch areas disinfected after use.
    • Hands cleaned before and after van cleaning


    • Discussion, lessons and activities will be done with 3’ physical distance.
    • Masks will be worn during discussions, lessons, and activities.

    If anyone develops symptoms during the day, clean hands, cease activity participation, isolate from the group, and be sent home at first opportunity.

    • If we suspect someone has COVID-19, we will contact the parent/guardian and recommend their child be tested. We will also contact our local Dept of Public Health upon notice of a positive test.

    NCYAA will follow CDC/IDPH/CCDPH guidance before allowing a student or staff member to return to school.

    ISBE Resources for COVID-19 Updates and Resources

    Questions about NCYAA's Safety Protocols?
    Please contact Jeremy Paul • or Lisa Fornwald •
    You can also call NCYAA at our main phone number: 847-803-3709

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