• Homeless Student Services


    McKinney-Vento Academic Navigator for Students Experiencing Homelessness
    With schools back to in-person learning this year, North Cook ISC will provide additional services to help McKinney-Vento eligible students succeed in school. North Cook ISC will partner with our school district McKinney-Vento liaisons to help identify and support students that may have participated on a limited basis last year or have not registered yet this year due to a current homeless situation. Our goal is to ensure students return to school quickly and provide additional resources to overcome any factors that may hinder their return.

    To decrease chronic truancy, the McKinney-Vento Academic Navigator will follow up one-on-one with children who are experiencing homelessness to encourage them to go back to school. The Academic Navigator may visit the family, together with the help of school liaisons and other school personnel, to identify students’ needs and continue communicating with them until they re-enroll in a school district.

    Common Reasons for Chronic Truancy:

    • Frequent moving due to the pandemic or inability to secure stable housing
    • No place to effectively participate in e-Learning and other classwork 
    • Lack of technology to complete school work (no Internet or functional equipment in temporary housing) 
    • Moving to another school district: Families that tend to move often may enroll in another school/district without informing the former school
    • May not be enrolled in any school due to lack of residency documentation
    • Runaways: Students who are unhappy with their home situation may leave without letting the school or their families know their whereabouts
    • Homelessness: Families undergoing eviction may seek shelters and other temporary housing that affects children’s school attendance
    • Homeschooling and Private Coaching: Due to the pandemic or in search of better grades, parents may choose remote learning options or hire a private tutor without informing the school
    • Sickness: Students that fall seriously ill may miss many days of school as they recover

    Please use our new REFERRAL FORM to help us identify, locate and support students who are eligible for McKinney-Vento services. You can also contact Mary Nyaema, Academic Navigator, at mnyaema@ncisc.org if you have any further questions.