• Leadership Coaching


    Our coaching program is designed to move educational leaders towards action. We encourage clients to start with our 6-session package to form a trusting relationship with their coach while exploring challenges through solution-based conversations.

    We believe that everyone:

    •    Possesses tremendous potential
    •    Can harness their natural creativity and resourcefulness
    •    Benefits from expressing their thoughts and feelings
    •    Grows by identifying blind spots
    •    Is empowered to change themselves, or their awareness, to meet goals and find fulfillment

    Packages       Time Frames of Service

    Scheduling Coaching Sessions:

    Leadership CoachingIf you would like to sign-up for Leadership Coaching,
    please contact Dr. April Jordan at ajordan@ncisc.org or call 847-803-5604.

    We take pride in pairing our clients with the best-fit coach to help them achieve their goals.

    The Client's assigned Coach will reach out to schedule sessions.

    The pace of sessions should allow enough time for reflection and growth-work, while being frequent enough to maintain the relationship.