• Virtual Resume Fair for Educators


    North Cook ISC hosts a Virtual Resume employment service. Educators from across the U.S. can record a video version of their professional resume that can be viewed by and shared with all 39 school districts in the North Cook region for potential employment. ALL EDUCATORS, PARAPROFESSIONALS/AIDES, and SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS are welcome to use this service.

    The video is easy to create and will require less than 15 minutes of your time. Best of all, you can complete your video resume from the comfort of your own home, office, or classroom. Essentially, this is an efficient and FREE opportunity for you to network with 39 North Cook suburban school districts to help you get hired!

    Whether you’re currently working in or near the North Cook region, or are relocating to our area and looking for a job in education, we can help you start your new career!

    So, relax and let your personality, educational background, knowledge and special skills shine as you introduce yourself to us, both as an individual and a professional.

    Watch a video and see what a virtual resume can do for you!

    Register and start your video application: Virtual Video Application

    NCISC Human Resource District Leaders: 

    If you would like to view Virtual Resumes of one or more potential candidates, please contact Dr. April Jordan at 847-803-5604 or ajordan@ncisc.org for more information.