• Technology Services


    Learning Technology Center (LTC) is an Illinois State Board of Education program that supports all public PK-12 districts, schools, and educators through technology initiatives, services, and professional learning opportunities. The LTC partners with Regional Offices of Education, Intermediate Services Centers, districts, and schools to provide the following services:

    • Access & Connectivity. Assists districts with access to, and improvements of, broadband connectivity, devices, resources, and state and federal funding that increase equitable learning opportunities.
    • Digital Learning. Consults with districts, schools, and educators as they plan, adopt, and evaluate innovative uses of technology within the classroom and curriculum.
    • Network and Technical Support. Provides technical support, guidance, and resource identification related to data privacy, cybersecurity, technology processes, solutions, and management that improve digital learning environments and increase district operation efficiency.
    • Professional Learning. Facilitates high-quality professional learning opportunities for educators, administrators, and technology staff that support digital teaching, learning, and leadership.

    Topics span all aspects of technology in schools, including:

    • Digital learning models (i.e., frameworks, remote & hybrid learning, etc.)
    • Technology in the classroom (i.e., Computer Science, Digital Citizenship, etc.)
    • Digital-age leadership (i.e. planning, evaluating, funding, coaching, etc.)
    • Digital tools, apps, and resources (i.e., Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.)
    • Technology Leadership and Support (i.e., cybersecurity, data privacy, information technology management, etc.)

    Professional learning is available online and in-person. Common formats include in-district events, workshops, online courses, webinars, conferences, and networking meetings.

    • Purchasing Support. Assists districts in identifying purchasing strategies and procuring affordable technology and digital resources through the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP), a free purchasing cooperative that saves districts time and money.

    • Communities of Practice. Facilitates online and in-person professional learning communities for PK-12 educators, administrators, technology staff, and/or business and industry partners that support digital learning initiatives and foster collaborations.

    Learn more about the LTC at ltcillinois.org or contact the LTC at support@ltcillinois.org