How long do most students stay at NCYAA?
    Placement at NCYAA can range from 45 days to more than a year. It varies depending on the student. Return dates are identified at the intake meeting and reviewed semiannually, if needed.

    Are there tuition and transportation fees?
    Tuition and transportation costs are the responsibility of the home school district.

    What are the hours of operation at NCYAA?
    The school day operates from 8:15 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. Monday through Friday, with holidays and some other exceptions. A school calendar is available for families to plan accordingly.

    Is free or reduced food service available?
    All students receive breakfast and lunch free of charge.

    How are students graded at NCYAA?
    NCYAA uses the same grading system as the home school district.

    Does NCYAA accept all students who are recommended for placement?
    NCYAA reserves the right to refuse placement of students. Placement at NCYAA must be agreed upon by the parent/guardian, student, home school, and NCYAA staff.

    Does NCYAA accept students classified as Special Education?
    NCYAA is a regular education program. Special Education services are the responsibility of the home school district.

    Can parents or private schools recommend students to NCYAA?
    No, recommendation for placement is accepted only from superintendents and/or their designees of public school districts in north suburban Cook County.

    How do students attain credits for graduation?
    The home school district will accept all credits earned at NCYAA. The program follows the curriculum used in the home school, and all courses are aligned to State standards.

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