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    English Language Arts • Math • Science • Social Studies • Physical Education
    NCYAA students receive the specified number of hours of focused instruction in core curriculum subjects as required by the State and home school district, in a differentiated environment, for their grade level and individual abilities.

    Elective classes supplement the core curriculum and provide a wide variety of other learning opportunities based on students’ interests or credit requirements. Examples include Consumer Education, Art, and more.

    With Edgenuity, a web-based educational program, students can access classes on their assigned Chromebook during school hours to earn school credit or credit recovery. This is especially beneficial for students who are credit-deficient or those who want to accelerate their pace toward graduation.


    CTE at North Cook Young Adult Academy gives high school students the chance to get a head start on preparing for college and careers. With CTE, students learn how core school subjects such as math, science, and writing are used in real life. The mission of CTE is to prepare students for college, advanced skills training, and/or entry into the working world. CTE is woven into the curriculum. In addition, NCYAA staff can help students secure and retain jobs in their home community.

    Service Learning
    Students also have the opportunity to participate in service learning projects that provide hands-on experiences. Examples may include service with a local food bank, nonprofit or social service organization, nature center, senior center, Feed My Starving Children, a food pantry, and others. Occasionally, service learning opportunities are brought on-site to NCYAA for students to engage in directly.

    Other Resources
    Because we understand the unique needs of adolescents and young adults, NCYAA strives to meet those needs with additional services, such as goal setting related to attendance, grades, school credits and behavior, individual and group counseling, and job-related skills. NCYAA may partner with community youth service organizations for students who need more intensive support.