• Available Grant Funds


    North Cook ISC has received a grant to cover the cost of Teacher and Principal Performance Evaluation Training. These funds are reserved for educators that are currently or will be employed by a public school or district within the North Cook ISC region and meet any of the following criteria:

    • Any person who will need to be prequalified in order to perform their duties of evaluation of principals, assistant principals or teachers
    • Any person who is enrolled in a principal preparation program and must take the evaluation training in order to complete their program
    • Any person who has been identified as a potential teacher leader either in this school year or in the future
    • Any person who will be involved in peer evaluations or peer observations - PEAC has issued a Guidance Document on Peer Observations and/or Evaluations on its website.

    Please follow these steps to register and request grant funds:

    1. Select the date you wish to attend the required Administrator Academy for TEACHER EVALUATOR training or PRINCIPAL EVALUATOR training at the North Cook ISC in Des Plaines. This pertains to initial trainings and re-trainings. View our list of all Administrator Academies.

    2. Register and pay for the Academy using a district credit card. Grant funds may only be used to reimburse government entities, not individuals; therefore, a personal credit card may not be used.

    3. Fill out and submit the PERA Grant Request Form (see left-side menu on this page)

    4. After you attend the required Administrator Academy and successfully complete all Academy requirements, your district will be notified of a refund, if grant money is still available.

    NOTE: Applying for grant money does not guarantee that you are automatically eligible for a refund. Our grant funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified staff only.