Governor’s Education Related Executive Orders and Messages

  • Executive Order 2020-73 (11/18/2020)

    This order is the Tier 3 Mitigation Order that took effect on November 20, 2020, which describes the intent of the order and requirements for individuals and businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations, including educational entities.

    PRESS RELEASE: Illinois in Phase 4, Tier 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan starting (11/20/2020)
    On November 17, 2020, Governor Pritzker announced that the entire state of Illinois would remain in Phase 4: Revitalization of the Restore Illinois Plan, but shift to Tier Three Resurgence Mitigations on 11/20/2020. There has been some confusion regarding the nomenclature of the Governor's Restore IL plan and Resurgence Mitigations. Restore IL has five "phases":

    Within Phase 4, there are three "tiers" of progressive mitigations designed to tighten restrictions before the need arises to step back to Phase 3:Recovery. Here are links to each of the three tiers of Resurgence Mitigations:

    Please note, with the exception of youth sports, the Tier 3 mitigations do not apply to schools/districts. 

    Governor Pritzker Allows Schools to Reopen in Illinois with Stipulations (07/24/2020)
    All public and nonpublic schools in Illinois serving pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students may open for in-person educational purposes, but must follow IDPH and ISBE guidance during Phase 4 and take proactive measures to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

    Over the last few weeks Governor Pritzker has issued several education-related Executive Orders and Joint Statements. All of the Governor’s Executive Orders can be accessed from this link. Education specific Executive Orders and Joint Statements are delineated below. We will continue to update this page as more are issued.

    Governor Pritzker Announces Restore Illinois: A Public Health Approach To Safely Reopen Our State (05/05/2020)

    The Governor's press release from Tuesday, May 5 describes his Restore Illinois Five-Phase, Regional Plan for Saving Lives, Livelihoods, and Safely Reopening Illinois, which builds on data, science, and guidance from public health experts.

    Gov. Pritzker Announces Modified Stay at Home Order Will Be Extended Through May to Continue Progress (04/23/2020)

    The Governor's press release includes length of extension, modifications effective beginning May 1, and charts, graphs and explanations of the scientific models he is using to inform his decision-making.

    NEW STATE OF ILLINOIS CORONAVIRUS WEBSITE (announced by the Governor on 03/18/2020)

    Executive Order 2020-38 (05/29/2020)
    This order guides Illinois' PHASE THREE REOPENING, which safely and conscientiously resumes activities that were paused due to COVID-19. It outlines public health requirements for individuals, businesses, retail stores, manufacturers, office buildings, restaurants and bars, gyms, personal service facilities, youth sports, and public amusement. Individuals must continue to practice social distancing, maintaining at least a six-foot distance, and wear a face covering in public places or when working.

    Executive Order 2020-32 (04/30/2020)

    UPDATED STAY AT HOME ORDER – This order allows Illinoisans to leave their home for essential activities, including for health and safety, for necessary supplies and services, for outdoor activity, for certain types of work, to take care of others, and to engage in the free exercise of religion, but otherwise requires them to stay at home or their place of residence to prevent spread of COVID-19. Individuals are required to wear a face covering in public places when they are unable to maintain a six-foot social distance. Defines essential businesses and operations. Non-essential retail stores may fulfill online and telephonic orders through pick-up outside the store or delivery.

    Executive Order 2020-33 (04/30/2020)
    REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS – Reissues Executive Orders 2020-03 through 2020-31, extending most provisions through May 29, 2020.

    Executive Order 2020-31 (04/24/2020)
    Suspends provisions in teacher preparation programs requiring a teacher performance assessment and internships for endorsements on several professional educator licenses. Suspends requiring certain courses and assessments for 8th and 12 graders as prerequisites to receiving a diploma for students who are unable to complete coursework as a result of the suspension of in-person instruction due to COVID-19.

    Executive Order 2020-18 (03/31/2020)

    An extension of the state’s disaster proclamation, requiring individuals to stay at home or their place of residence for an additional 30 days. Extends the suspension of on-site learning in K-12 schools, with schools transitioning from Act of God Days to Remote Learning Days. This supersedes Executive Order 2020-10.

    Executive Order 2020-15 (03/27/2020)
    Section 4 gives ISBE, and the State Superintendent, power to A) address the minimum requirements of the calendar and school day; B & C) create, define and determine the use of "Remote Learning Planning Days" and "Remote Learning Days" and D) provide additional guidance consistent with the terms of this executive order.

    Joint Statement of Gov. Pritzker, IEA, IFT, IASA, IPA and ISBE (03/27/2020) 
    Announces the mandatory development and use of Remote Learning Days and offers guidance and support from all of the above mentioned people and organizations as it relates to meeting the needs of our students, parents, staff and communities, as we all navigate these unprecedented times together.

    Executive Order 2020-10 (03/20/2020)
    This Order addresses Stay at Home; Social Distancing Requirements; and Essential Businesses and Operation. This is very important to read to know what is permitted and what is not. It defines essential activities, services and organization. Educational institutions are considered essential for the purposes of facilitating distance learning, or performing essential functions, such as providing meals to students. Schools are ordered closed though April 7, 2020.

    Joint Statement of Gov. Pritzker, IEA, IFT, IASA, IPA and ISBE (03/17/2020)
    Encourages all members of these organizations to be reasonable, creative and generous. States that March 17-March 30 are “Act of God” days and employees will get paid as if schools were functioning normally, including salary, hourly and stipend pay, as well as benefits. Further states that employees are expected to participate in work activities with a focus on ensuring 1) continuity of education, 2) provision of meals and 3) other student support as appropriate. To the extent that work can be done remotely, it should be. Also, current law on teacher evaluation and RIF remains in full force.

    Executive Order 2020-07 (03/16/2020)
    1) Closes restaurants and bars except for grab & go or delivery and those in hospitals, airports and at colleges and universities, 2) limits gatherings to 50 people or less (excluding some essential service locations such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, gas stations, banks and shelters), 3) suspends the requirement to wait one-week to claim unemployment insurance, and 4) suspends the Open Meetings Act requirements relating to in-person, physical attendance by members of the public body, while encouraging postponing of public business when possible and using electronic media to keep the public fully apprised of modifications to meetings and public business.

    Executive Order 2020-06 (03/15/2020)
    Allows schools operated by the IL Dept. of Juvenile Justice, ISBE, of IL Dept. of Human Services to remain open.

    Executive Order 2020-05 (03/13/2020)
    Closes all public and private schools beginning March 17 through and including Monday, March 30, suspends the definition of “chronic absence,” and waives many (but not all) statutory requirements for e-learning days.