Students are referred to NCYAA for placement from their home school district for a variety of reasons, often in lieu of school suspension or expulsion. NCYAA is an ideal solution for students who need an alternative educational experience with extra resources and support that increase their opportunity for success. Once referred to NCYAA, our Intake Counselor will set up a meeting to interview the student and administer a series of assessments to identify his or her strengths and needs.

    Intake Assessments include:

    • Student Interview
    • Clinical Interview
    • Multiple Intelligence Assessment
      (Howard Gardner – Theory of 7 Distinct Intelligences)
    • Thinking Style Inventory (Zenhausern Hemisphericity Profile)
    • Learning Styles Inventory (Bridges Transitions Inc.)
    • Do What You Are (Bridges Transitions Inc. Career Assessment)
    • Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement (Academic Assessment)
    • Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire
    • Drug Test via hair sampling

    After the assessment process is completed, a second meeting is scheduled as soon as possible with the student, parent/guardian, home school district and NCYAA staff to develop the student’s Alternative Educational Plan (AEP). Each student’s educational program is customized to maximize his or her opportunity for success. Classes begin as soon as possible after the AEP meeting to avoid disruption in the education process for the student.

    Please note: North Cook does not take private placements; all students must be referred by one of its serving districts.

Student Referral Form