Teacher Institute Day Application Forms

  • When a Teacher Institute (TI) Day application is submitted, several requirements must be met before a request is approved. A district is allowed up to four (4) TI Days per school calendar year and they must be labeled as "TI" on your Public School Calendar that is submitted to IWAS.

    Please make certain that your Planning Committee complies with the following criteria:

    • The required ratio of teachers, administrators, and pupil personnel members is clearly printed on the application (TI-1, TI-2 or TI-4). The Planning Committee must be composed of 50% teachers, 25% school administrators, and 25% school service personnel. 
    • The district superintendent must approve all applications before they are submitted.
    • The Institute Day Agenda must be uploaded to the online application. Five (5) hours of professional development must be clearly outlined and excludes time for registration, meals, snacks or breaks.
    • Parent-teacher conferences do not require an agenda.

    Below is a list of North Cook ISC Teacher Institute (TI) online forms. They are also listed on the menu on the left side of this page. Complete the appropriate online form and be sure to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.