North Cook Young Adult Academy


    North Cook Young Adult Academy (NCYAA) is a Regional Safe Schools Program that serves students from Grades 6 – 12 who have had multiple suspensions or are pending expulsion from their home schools. The length of time a student is placed in NCYAA varies with each student and is determined by the home school district. Typically, it is at least one semester and may extend to two years.

    NCYAA maintains rigorous academic standards while emphasizing its students form positive, social relationships. The curriculum focuses on the Common Core Learning Standards, the development of lifelong strategies for thinking critically, and the making of good decisions. NCYAA partners with its sending districts to maintain its curriculum integrity. Prior to placement in the program, a comprehensive assessment is completed to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The educational program is customized to maximize the student’s opportunity for success. All staff are appropriately certified according to State law, and all credits earned are transferred to the home school district. More than 80% of students sent to NCYAA successfully transition back to their home schools or graduate while here.

    Referral & Intake

    As a rule, students are referred to the North Cook Young Adult Academy(NCYAA) in lieu of a school expulsion. As soon as NCYAA’s Intake Counselor receives a completed referral packet from the student’s district, she will schedule an Intake Assessment with the student; the following day she will invite the student and his/her guardian to participate in an Alternate Educational Plan (AEP) Meeting. Upon completion of the AEP Meeting, NCYAA will arrange transportation for the student if the placement is appropriate. (North Cook does not take private placements; all students must be referred by one of its serving districts.)

    The Intake Assessments include:
    • Student Interview
    • Clinical Interview
    • Multiple Intelligence Assessment (Howard Gardner – Theory of 7 Distinct Intelligences)
    • Thinking Style Inventory (Zenhausern Hemisphericity Profile)
    • Learning Styles Inventory (Bridges Transitions Inc.)
    • “Do What You Are” (Bridges Transitions Inc. Career Assessment)
    • Woodcock-Johnson III Test of Achievement Form C Brief Battery (Academic Assessment)
    • Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire
    • Drug Test via hair sampling

    NCYAA Referral Packet

    In addition to this packet being completed in its entirety, NCYAA requires the following student documents:
    • Official Transcript
    • Current Courses – with percentages
    • Previous Quarter Grades (if applicable)
    • Health/Medical Paperwork
    • Discipline Records

    For more information, contact Lisa Fornwald, NCYAA Director: