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2013-2014 Calendar

2013-2014 Calendar:

North Cook Young Adult Academy (NCYAA)

North Cook Young Adult Academy (NCYAA) is a Regional Safe School Program that serves students from grades 6 through 12 who have multiple suspensions or are pending expulsion. The length a student is placed in NCYAA is usually from one semester to one year, but can vary depending on the student. Tuition and transportation are provided by the student's home school.

The Academy maintains rigorous standards for academic achievement within a positive, healthy learning environment. The school's curriculum emphasizes the development of lifelong strategies for thinking critically, making good decisions, dealing with real-world experiences, and solving problems constructively. NCYAA follows the curriculum used in the home schools, and all courses are aligned to state standards.

Prior to placement, a comprehensive assessment is completed to identify each student's strengths and needs. The educational program is then customized to maximize the student's opportunity for success. Students who have been struggling within a traditional educational system are taught skills necessary to lead a productive adult life. Breakthrough results are achieved through the efforts of highly qualified, credentialed staff. All credits earned at NCYAA are transferred to the home school district.

The dramatic success of the Academy program is unprecedented. More than 80% of students successfully participate and transition beyond the Academy.


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